S P I R I T of 54

Southwest Passage Initiative for Regional and Interstate Transportation

Texas has built a 6-lane freeway in and aroung El Paso and 4-lanes to the New Mexico border.  In the panhandle of Texas they constructed a "Super two" highway between Texhoma and Dalhart with two mile long passing lanes for safer and more efficient travel.  In 2017 Texas plans to construct a 4-lane highway from Stratford to Texhoma.  TXDOT hopes to receive additional funds so they can construct the same wide, safe highway to the New Mexico State line.



Work is being done to relieve the congestion on the east side of Liberal where East/West Highway 54 intersects with North/South Highway 83.  The only intersection of these two major highways in Kansas is an important crossroads for industry and all travelers in the southwest.  This project will coincide with the start of four-laning the next 10 miles of Highway 54 in 2016.

New Mexico

The construction of a four lane bridge over the Canadian river near Logan is scheduled for bid letting for the summer of 2017.  The safety and economic development of the bridge is important.  The total estimate is $ 20,000,000 with $ 18,000,000 to come from the federal government.

Oklahoma is working hard to finish the final 9 miles of four lanes of Highway 54 across the Oklahoma Panhandle.  Four lanes, plus a turn lane, will start through the town of Tyrone in 2016  which will be a large part of their final surge.  The highway will be made more level and straight to help the view of drivers and those who cross the highway.